Rocket Flight Logs - Updated 9/18/2011

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Rocket Flight Logs - Updated 9/18/2011

Postby vtrockin » Thu Mar 18, 2010 6:37 pm

For photos and movies of launches please see individual project threads:

Polecat 4" V-2
Engine: Pro38 I170 Classic (38mm 3G)
Altitude: 2750 ft (est)
Comments: First flight of the day around 4:15pm. Beautiful liftoff and flight and not a long walk either. See project page for inflight cam.
Polecat Pershing II
Engine: Pro38 I287 Smokey Sam (38mm 4G)
Altitude: ~1500 ft (est)
Comments: Low altitude flight with a nice trail left be the smokey same engine. The L2 rocket lives on!
Engine: Pro29 H170 Blue Streak (29mm 4G)
Altitude: 2139 ft
Comments: Maiden flight of the Mini-BBX without the Terrier booster stage. First dual deploy rocket. Worked as expected
Mini-BBX w/Terrier Booster
Engine: 1st Stage: Pro38 I212 Smokey Same (38mm 3G) 2nd Stage: Pro29 H170 Blue Streak (29mm 4G)
Altitude: ~3930 ft (est)
Comments: Maiden flight of the Mini-BBX with the Terrier booster stage. Actual altitude about 4 or 5 feet with as the rocket CATO'd on the pad (Catastrophic At Take Off). Onboard camera survived and some photos were taken to show the flare...I mean the pad. See the project page for postmortem and fun videos/pictures of the event.
Polecat Pershing II
Engine: Pro38 J285 Classic (38mm 5G)
Altitude: ~2300 ft (est)
Comments: NAR Level 2 certification flight. Almost no wind day. Clear skies in the 80's. SUCCESSFUL CERTIFICATION FLIGHT!!!

Polecat Pershing II
Engine: Pro38 I212 Smoky Sam (38mm 3G)
Altitude: ~1100 ft (est)
Comments: Finished off the day with an arrow straight flight that came within a couple of yard of my black car as seen in the video.

Polecat 4" V-2
Engine: Pro38 H225WT (38mm 2G)
Altitude: 1700 ft (est)
Comments: Perfect ascent and ejection charge deploy. Regretfully the chute was packed in such a way that it got shoved into the nosecone and never deployed. Created more of a tumble recovery than a parachute recovery. With luck the field was muddy and softened the impact. Only damage was a hairline crack on one fin and a sheared off rail lug. Even the paint job was okay. Phew.

Polecat Pershing II
Engine: Pro38 I350SS (38mm 5G)
Altitude: 2200 ft (est)
Comments: Maiden flight. After leaving the rail the rocket corkscrewed a lot and made for a long 20min walk to get the rocket. Root cause was that the Rocksim model was using the small nosecone section of 2.67" instead of the 5.5" body diameter as the stability reference. That meant it was flying with 0.85 stability margin instead of 1.8 (slightly unstable rocket). Thanks to Kevin for pointing this out!

Polecat 4" V-2
Engine: Pro38 H400-8 VMax (38mm 3G)
Altitude: 1800 ft (est)
Comments: Second flight of day and second career flight for the V-2. High average impulse. FAST. Straight and perfect apogee deployment with no damage. 48" parachute.
Engine: Pro38 I212-9 Smokey Sam (38mm 3G)
Altitude: 2400 ft (est)
Comments: Second career flight of this rocket. Perfect straight flight and about apogee deployment. Used Jeff's technique of rubber banding the shock cord. Everything got tangled on parachute deployment. Half open chute made for a hard landing. One main fin broke off, but repairable. 48" parachute.
Polecat 4" V-2
Engine: Pro38 H125-9 Classic (38mm 2G)
Altitude: 1600 ft (est)
Comments: First flight of this rocket. Beautiful flight and straight up with apogee ejection charge. Zero damage. 48" parachute.
Engine: AMW H120-9 Red Rhino (38mm 2G)
Altitude: 1600-1800 ft (est)
Comments: NAR Level 1 Certification attempt (1st try). Windy day with a LOT of rockets drifting very far. Was going to use a 48" parachute, but chose 36" do to 10-15mph gusts of wind. Slight wind cocking with slightly past apogee ejection. Landed un-damaged. Successful
certification! 36" parachute.

PML AGM-256 Pit Bull
Engine: AMW G69-7 (38mm 1G)
Altitude: 1000 ft (est)
Comments: Slow launch, cocked right after leaving rail to create an arc flight path so height was lower than it should've been. No damage - just a little dirty. 30" parachute.
PML AGM-256 Pit Bull
Engine: AMW G185-7 (38mm 1G)
Altitude: 1300 ft (est)
Comments: First rocket launch. Fast & straight up. Fairly fast parachute decent (30")with a moderate amount of drift. No windcock, no damage (even with solid frozen ground). 30" parachute.
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